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Delivering the World Bio-Renewable Packaging Solutions

Sustainable Packaging Products, Composting Equipment for Zero Waste and the worlds best evergreen Bio Learning Platform to help you in your Business or Institution!



Natural Bio-Renewable Packaging

“ Organic compostable packaging grown from Sunlight, Co2 and water is ground breaking! ”


      We provide a completely green approach to each of our customers who’d like to switch to a natural, sustainable and eco-responsible way of packaging.

      There are many downsides associated with petroleum based plastics (PS, PP and PET) packaging (especially for the foodservice applications ) that can not be solved for many years, such as the concern on plastic materials in contact with food and also its environmental impact on our planet.
With the development of the natural biopolymer, our plant based, fully biodegradable and compostable products make the best alternative to the conventional packaging products made from plastic.

      We are committed to bring to the market innovative, environmental packaging solutions by utilising the world’s best biopolymer and packaging technologies available.

      So far, we have done various projects across many sectors of the foodservice industry including Foodservice, Retails, Agricultural products, medical items and fresh packaging.

      We’d like to owe our thanks to our customers for the efforts they’ve taken to minimise the environmental impact of their products..
Our goal is to achieve sustainability in foodservice and other packaging sector, we will be dedicated to serve our clients whoever share the same “Green” goal with us!

Natural Bio-Renewable Materials

      Natural Packaging‘s compostable and recyclable packaging products represent an environmentally friendly substitute for fossil fuel derived plastic packaging. Simply put, Natural Packaging provides food and general packaging, agricultural consumables derived from renewable resources such as starch, PLA, sugar, vegetable oils, cellulose, timber, natural fibres, straw and other agricultural bi products. These bio based products have the same or improved functionality compared to fossil fuel based packaging with the benefi t that our products allow what was a waste stream directed to landfill ll to become a useful resource being compost or fertilizer!



Find us on the International Business Directory for Innovative Bio-based Plastics and Composites

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