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Delivering the World Bio-Renewable Packaging Solutions

Sustainable Packaging Products, Composting Equipment for Zero Waste and the worlds best evergreen Bio Learning Platform to help you in your Business or Institution!

BioRenew Service

With over 20 years expertise in the food beverage service sector, our company has been providing consulting services to our corporate and institutional clients in food and health industries.

We work diligently with our innovative approaches to meet and enhance existing standards for foodservice, health, manufacturing, and compostability.

We  offer a free consulting service  in areas of product design in shape, size, function, performance and all the necessary aspects of turning your packaging environmental!

Truly understanding the complexities of manufacturing, supplying, and distributing challenges throughout the entire process, we provide each of our clients with a customized solution to their unique packaging requirements. No project is too difficult for us to handle.

We can redesign your retail pack into an environmental option or do the entire foodservice operation such as your school, university, hospital, zoo, stadium, restaurant, fast food outlet, chain stores, food court, airline just to name a few.

We can do a life cycle analysis on your packaging but above all come up with a number of options to make your packaging environmental.

Your impact on your customers starts with the right information and as the Natureworks licensee for  Ingeo™ biopolymer we start with the very best raw materials.  But it is important to understand that there are over 600 types of resin options for your products which we will assess your product performance requirements to give you the very best option.

We look forward to talking with you anywhere in the world to help you with your process of utilising green options for your packaging requirements!

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