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Delivering the World Bio-Renewable Packaging Solutions

Sustainable Packaging Products, Composting Equipment for Zero Waste and the worlds best evergreen Bio Learning Platform to help you in your Business or Institution!

Enviro – Cutlery

Categories Enviro-Cultery



●CPLA is a nature-based NatureWorks® plastic made from corn, an annually renewable resource
●Strong and durable like the heavyweight oil-based plastic cutleries,our plant-based CPLA cutlery is great for hot and cold food with temperatures from -20℃ to 110℃
●100% Biodegradable and Compostable, at the end of life, PLA based products can be recycled or composted under composting conditions within 45 to 60 days
●Our CPLA products are made from 100% NatureWorks resin produced in USA.

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